Summer Programs

Summer Handwriting Camp

If you have concerns about your child's handwriting, our camps are a great way to practice skills or to learn new skills before returning to school in the fall. The Printing Group is recommended for kindergarteners and first graders, and the Cursive Group is recommended for third and fourth graders. All groups are held at our offices and focus on improving handwriting and fine motor skills using a multi-sensory approach in a fun small-group setting.


Interactive Metronome Summer Program

Interactive Metronome® is a multisensory program that combines sound therapy, movement and visual stimuli to improve function of a child's nervous system through repetitive practice. It has been used successfully to improve attention, concentration, motor planning/sequencing and processing speed in children with ADHD, language disorders and many other diagnoses. Hourly summer sessions are conducted individually, four or five days a week, for five to seven weeks to complete the required number of repetitions to finish the program (20 to 22 hours total).

To inquire about our summer programs, please contact us at 615.376.3045 or