Word of Mouth Clinical Associates are experienced, trusted clinicians that offer comprehensive audiology services to individuals 3 years of age and older. Our mission is to offer hearing tests to our community that are in a convenient location, are affordable, and can be completed within 7 days of initial contact. Evaluations will include otoscopic assessment, tympanometric assessment, pure tone air and bone hearing assessment, and acoustic emittance testing. School-wide screenings are also available.

Does my child need a speech-language or hearing screening? Speech and language disorders may affect a child's ability to talk, understand, read, or write. If your child exhibits difficulty with speech errors, slow language development, stuttering, ADHD, or weak social skills, then a hearing screening and a speech-language screening are recommended. Speech and language disorders may be overlooked in the preschool years; however, research has shown that early identification often has a significant impact on success in early school years. Children with recurring ear infections are at risk for undetected hearing loss, which will have an impact on academic success.

Meet our Audiologist!

Dr. Kristina Rigsby, Au.D. earned her Doctorate of Audiology Degree from Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining Word of Mouth, Dr. Rigsby was a staff audiologist at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center for 12 years. She served as Assistant Coordinator to the Pediatric Program for 5 years and spent her last 2 years at Vanderbilt as the coordinator of their satellite clinic in Franklin. Dr. Rigsby specializes in diagnosing hearing loss and hearing aid treatment for children and adults. She has spoken at the local, state, and national levels regarding diagnosing hearing loss and treatment. Currently, Dr. Rigsby is serving as the president of the Tennessee Audiology Association.

Dr. Rigsby believes in a team approach when working with children diagnosed with hearing and/or speech and language concerns. She focuses on maintaining the family as the center of treatment in order to provide optimal care for each child and adult.