2 Years Old

Motor Development

• Walks up and down stairs by holding onto railing
• Feeds self with spoon
• Experiments by touching, smelling and tasting
• Likes to push, pull, fill and dump
• Can turn pages of a book
• Stacks 2 to 4 objects
• Scribbles with crayons or markers
• Walks without help
• Walks backwards
• Tosses or rolls a large ball
• Stoops or squats
• Opens cabinets, drawers
• Can bend over to pick up toy without falling

Speech, Language, and Mental Development

• Enjoys simple stories, rhymes and songs
• Uses 2 to 3 word sentences, such as “I do it!”
• Says names of toys
• Hums or tries to sing
• Enjoys looking at books
• Points to eyes, ears, or nose when asked
• Repeats words
• Understand and uses pronouns