4 Years Old

Motor Development

• Uses a spoon, fork, and dinner knife skillfully
• Needs 10 to 12 hours sleep each night
• Dresses self without much help
• Walks a straight line
• Hops on 1 foot
• Pedals and steers a tricycle skillfully
• Jumps over objects 5 to 6 inches high
• Runs, jumps, hops, skips around obstacles with ease
• Stacks 10 or more blocks
• Forms shapes and objects out of clay or play dough
• Threads small beads on a string
• Catches, bounces, and throws a ball easily

Speech, Language, and Mental Development

• Can place objects in a line from largest to smallest
• Can recognize some letters if taught and may be able to print name
• Recognizes familiar words in simple books or signs (STOP sign)
• Understands the concepts of tallest, biggest, same, more, on, in, under, and above
• Counts 1 to 7 objects out loud
• Understands order of daily routines (breakfast before lunch, lunch before dinner, dinner before bedtime)
• Speaks fairly complex sentences: “The baby ate the cookie before I could put it on the table.”
• Enjoys singing simple songs, rhymes, and nonsense words
• Adapts language to listener’s level of understanding. To baby sister: “Daddy go bye bye.”  To Mother:  “Daddy went to the store to buy food.”
• Learns name, address, and phone number if taught
• Asks and answers who, what , when, why, where questions
• Continues 1 activity for 10 to 15 minutes
• Names 6 to 8 colors and 3 shapes
• Follows two unrelated directions:  “Put your milk on the table and get your coat on.”