By 12 Months

Motor Development

• Enjoys drinking from a cup
• Begins eating finger food
• Continues to explore everything by mouth
• Enjoys opening and closing cabinet doors
• Crawls well
• Pulls self to a standing position
• Stands alone holding onto furniture for support
• Walks holding onto furniture or with adult help

Speech, Language, and Mental Development

• Says first word
• Says da-da and ma-ma or equivalent
• “Dances” or bounces to music
• Interested in picture books
• Pays attention to conversations
• Claps hands, waves bye, if prompted
• Likes to place objects inside one another

Social and Emotional Development

• Copies adult actions such as drinking from a cup, talking on the phone
• Responds to name
• Likes to watch self in mirror
• Expresses fear or anxiety toward strangers
• Wants caregivers or parent to be in constant sight
• Offers toys or objects to others, but expects them to be returned
• May become attached to a favorite toy or blanket
• Pushes away something he or she does not want