By 12 to 18 Months

Motor Development

• Crawls well
• Stands alone, sits down
• Gestures or points to indicate wants
• Likes to push, pull, and dump things
• Pulls off hat, socks, and mittens
• Turns pages in a book
• Stacks 2 blocks
• Likes to poke, twist, and squeeze
• Enjoys flushing toilets and closing doors
• Enjoys carrying small objects while walking, often one in each hand
• Holds crayon and scribbles, but with little control
• Waves bye-bye and claps hands
• Walks without help
• Enjoys holding spoon when eating, but experiences difficulty in getting spoon into mouth
• Rolls a ball to adult on request

Speech, Language, and Mental Development

• Says 8 to 20 words you can understand
• Looks at person talking to him or her
• Says “Hi” or “Bye” if reminded
• Uses expressions like “Uh-oh”
• Asks for something by pointing or using one word
• Identifies object in a book
• Plays peek-a-boo
• Looks for objects that are hidden or out of sight
• Understands and follows simple one-step directions
• Likes to take things apart

Social and Emotional Development

• Becomes upset when separated from parent
• Likes to hand objects to others
• Plays alone on floor with toys
• Recognizes self in mirror or pictures
• Enjoys being held and read to
• Imitates others especially by coughing, sneezing, or making animal sounds
• Enjoys an audience and applause