Word of Mouth Clinical Associates offers a variety of social pragmatic language groups to meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of children from late preschool through the late elementary school years. Through participation in group activities, children will learn various strategies to improve the social behaviors and language skills that are necessary for success in the classroom, community and home environments. With the exception of the Zones of Regulation® group, all groups are led by a licensed speech language pathologist specialized in the treatment of social pragmatic language deficits.

Our group curriculums are designed for use with students who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Social Anxiety or other related diagnoses. However, many children without specific diagnoses frequently benefit from direct teaching of social and pragmatic language skills in a group setting.

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7 Keys to Social Success

A 7-week group with lessons and learning activities designed to help the child recognize 7 key skills important to unlock the doors to social success in their home, community and school environments. A licensed professional counselor will lead a concurrent parent training session for any parents who wish to attend. 

*Please Note: This curriculum provides an introduction to the topics and concepts that are covered in more depth in the curriculums described below. Participation in this introductory group is a pre-requisite for participation in any of our other groups. 

Zones of Regulation®

A 4-week group led by an occupational therapist. The Zones curriculum provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of, and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts.  The Zones of Regulation® incorporates Social Thinking® concepts and sensory processing techniques to teach students to identify their feelings/level of alertness, understand how their behavior impacts those around them, and learn what sensory tools they can use for self-management/regulation.

Superflex®… A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum

An 8-week superhero themed group based on the Superflex…A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum by S. Madrigal & M. Winner. The content is directed toward helping children explore social thinking while increasing their knowledge of social expectations, their awareness of their own behavior and how to modify their behaviors with Superflexible strategies.

We Thinkers! Social Explorers®

An 8-week group based on We Thinkers! Volume 1 (formerly known as The Incredible Flexible You) by K. Zweber Palmer, N. Tarshis, R. Hendrix and M. Winner. This group is based on a series of story books and covers the following concepts: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, Group Plan, Thinking with Your Eyes, Body in the Group, and Whole Body Listening.

We Thinkers! Social Problem Solvers®

An 8-week group based on We Thinkers! Volume 2 by K. Zweber Palmer, N. Tarshis, R. Hendrix and M. Winner. Picking up where the We Thinkers! Social Explorers group left off, this group introduces the following additional concepts: Hidden Rules, Expected and Unexpected Behavior, Smart Guesses, Flexible Thinking vs Stuck Thinking, Size of the Problem, and Sharing an Imagination. Participation in the We Thinkers! Social Explorers group is a pre-requisite for participation in this group.