Speech-Language Therapy

Word of Mouth provides speech and language therapy to children with a range of abilities and diagnoses. Therapy sessions last from 30-60 minutes and are provided at our Brentwood office, as well as many area schools and preschools. With young children, we employ a primarily play-based approach to intervention, combining research-based practices with activities that are highly motivating and inspired by a child's interests. Individualized treatment plans are generated as a "roadmap," with measurable goals that guide the course of treatment for each child. In addition to the treatment provided within the context of therapy sessions, parent involvement is an important component in a child's therapeutic program. A portion of each therapy session is dedicated to parent feedback, during which time parents are informed about ways they can continue to build communicative success in the home environment. Additionally, regular teacher communication and collaboration often plays a crucial role in the clinician's ability to identify educational concerns, address functional skills, and extend abilities beyond the therapy setting. The following areas may be targeted based on a child's speech and language profile:

Speech: Childhood Apraxia of Speech / Motor Speech Disorders, Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation and Phonological Processes, Fluency / Stuttering, Voice.

Language: Receptive Language (comprehension), Expressive Language, Language Processing Disorders, Pragmatic Language / Social Skills.

To learn more about our speech-language services, please contact us at 615.376.3045 or contact@wordofmouthca.com

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