Support for Preschools

Fall Screenings

Clinicians conduct individual speech-language and occupational therapy screenings at your school. The screenings will provide a general overview of a child's articulation, language, and motor development. Screenings are effective tools in determining which children may benefit from a full evaluation. We will provide the school with a parent communication letter and permission slip for school-wide distribution. After the screenings have been completed, parents and teachers will receive a screening summary with recommendations. Parents pay a fee for each screening.

Free Spring Screenings

Children ages 3-7 can receive free speech-language and occupational therapy screenings at our offices on a designated day each spring. Results may be sent to your child's pediatrician upon request. Screenings are offered by appointment only on a first-come, first-served basis.


An evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a child's ability in one or more developmental domains. Evaluations are conducted by experienced professionals from our Word of Mouth team. Families typically incur the cost of the evaluation, which may be covered under their insurance plans.


Not all children will require therapy, but, if needed, intervention is a proven tool that effectively facilitates the development of delayed skills. Our team consists of caring and devoted therapists who are committed to providing families with high-quality speech, language, and occupational therapy services.

Preschool Consultations

  • Year-round screenings at teacher's request
  • Classroom observations with activity ideas
  • Child observations with recommendations
  • Weekly or monthly activity group led by a therapist
  • Parent talks on selected topics

Teacher In-Services

In-services range from one to three hours and can include information on various topics as needed by your program.

To inquire about our preschool support services, please contact us at 615.376.3045 or