Academic Support

Word of Mouth provides academic support to elementary, middle, and high school students. Our approach goes far beyond basic tutoring; in addition to addressing curriculum content, our clinicians use research-based and metacognitive strategies to help children become experts in their individual learning styles and the tools that assist them in achieving academic success.

Language-Based Tutoring

Beyond the primary grades, increasing curricular demands present significant challenges for children with language-based learning issues. In addition to mastering content, children must also develop effective organizational and study strategies that will better equip them to be successful learners.

Language-based tutoring approaches can be applied to all core subjects, including math, science, English, and social studies. Frequent collaboration with teachers allows for communication of best practices and instructional approaches, thereby increasing the quality and continuity of instruction.

While individual treatment plans are generated based on a child's unique learning profile, the following skills are often highlighted throughout tutoring sessions:

  • Organization, planning, and time management
  • Understanding and recall of unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Comprehension of auditory and written information
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Test preparation
  • Managing research projects and other long-term assignments
  • Written language
  • Self-advocacy skills

Standardized Test Preparation

Word of Mouth provides standardized test preparation for students taking the ISEE. Instruction is available throughout the year in both individual and group formats. Students receive specific strategy instruction for different subtests as well as general test-taking tips. During each session, students have multiple opportunities for practice and application of skills.


Summer Programs

Summer Handwriting Camp - If you have concerns about your child's handwriting, our camps are a great way to practice skills or to learn new skills before returning to school in the fall. The Printing Group is recommended for kindergarteners and first graders, and the Cursive Group is recommended for third and fourth graders. All groups are held at our offices and focus on improving handwriting and fine motor skills using a multi-sensory approach in a fun small-group setting.

Interactive Metronome Summer Program - Interactive Metronome® is a multisensory program that combines sound therapy, movement and visual stimuli to improve function of a child's nervous system through repetitive practice. It has been used successfully to improve attention, concentration, motor planning/sequencing and processing speed in children with ADHD, language disorders and many other diagnoses. Hourly summer sessions are conducted individually, four or five days a week, for five to seven weeks to complete the required number of repetitions to finish the program (20 to 22 hours total).