What to Expect

What to Expect

We believe that the first time you contact us is every bit as important in your child’s story as when you have your first parent progress conference or any other communication with us.  When you call the clinic, our office manager will get a little information about your child and schedule a time for one of our directors to call you back for a complimentary 15-minute intake call.  Because no two children are alike, we fill this is a very important step that will ensure your child is getting exactly what they need and nothing more or less. At the end of that intake call, she will recommend an action plan for your child, based on the information she gathers from you.

Our Treatment Process

The first step to helping your child reach their full potential, is evaluating their needs.  The specific type of recommended evaluation (comprehensive evaluation, modified evaluation, screening, or diagnostic therapy) will be given to you during your intake call. As a pediatric practice, we want to know how your child performs specific skills, many of which are foundational to being an efficient learner.  The evaluation phase of treatment is critical in achieving the best possible results by knowing definitively the areas therapy needs to strengthen. At Word of Mouth, we believe in a “two-head approach.” Once the testing has been completed, your child’s lead therapist and the clinical director will meet to thoroughly review the results and create a plan of treatment which you will receive in your first parent conference.

Therapy Plan

Once we’ve completed our testing, we will develop and individualized therapy plan designed to help your child achieve the most functional results in the shortest possible timeframe.  You will always know the goals of each therapy session and will always be given carryover work for home practice.