Selective Mutism

"She was presented her Bible at church this morning.  We went back for an intro class this afternoon, where we met with two other families...4 peers around her age and 2 youth directors (whom she has never spoken a word to...she still hasn’t been talking at church).  I worried because we were early and she wasn’t answering the director’s questions but just looking at me; but when we got in the group around the table, she introduced herself, answered the director’s questions, and even read verses from her Bible to the group!!  Such a breakthrough for her to speak at church."   



"In a packed auditorium, with tons of people watching, she was able to walk on stage and say her (20+) lines and we could hear her!"    



"Last night we went to see Ed Sheeran.  He talked about being afraid to dance, etc at concerts and how he would always have a frozen look on the outside while having so much fun on the inside.  And then he realized no one is really watching....and he became a confident dancer.  I looked over at my daughter and she was smiling so big.  Later in the show she was clapping and had her arm in the air.  So cute! We were running late for dinner before the show.  We called and they said they could only hold our table for 15 minutes.  We drove up about 16 minutes after and so I dropped her at the door and said “Run on in and give them your name while I park and tell them we are here”.  She hesitated and then she did it!!  She checked us in with not just one host but a whole counter of them.  When I came in, she was standing aside and said “They said they’ll get us seated in just a minute.”  So proud of her!!"



"She is participating in class and in group. She has asked for help and is raising her hand. She is in hip hop class now and they have to do weekly dance solos. She’s doing them without issue. If she’s not comfortable speaking, she is at least making some eye contact and smiling at the person which is pretty huge. We’ve talked a lot about how people feel if you ignore and don’t make eye contact so if a stranger greets her in some way, she’s smiling at them and will answer a basic questions.This past week, we went to see her old swim coach. She was nervous but made eye contact, smiled and answered direct questions from her. I know that was extremely difficult!"